I have to admit that I picked this book because of its cover.  There are some really awesome book jacket designs right now.

I feel like this book didn’t live up to its own hype.  So many times throughout the book, the narrator would say things that would set up intrigue and a sense of impending adventure and yet very little actually happened.  The events that did occur were written about in an incredibly dramatic manner were, for the most part, not very dramatic.  Overall, the plot was mostly a let-down.

I also felt like this book was confused about what it wanted its larger message to be.  Between the interludes that told the stories of different saints (which I also found confusing to the overall format of the story), the religious teachings from the nuns, and the religious beliefs of the main character, it seemed to be very much a Catholic book that was teaching the views of Catholicism and the importance of those views.  Then things would happen that would make it seem that really the message was the opposite of that.  I think the overall message was probably supposed to be something like, “one isn’t better than the other.  People can believe what they want to believe,” but I really don’t feel like this message was clear or very well done.

I fluctuated between whether or not I wanted to give this 2 sequinbeasts or 3 sequinbeasts. The plot definitely felt like a 2 to me but I did enjoy the writing, which kept me reading this book all the way through.   I look forward to seeing what Sarah Domet does next.  I just hope that she decides to write something more simple.  I think she got lost in the amount of different things she was trying to accomplish in this book.


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