Patricia Lockwood grew up in an unusual position, as the daughter of a Catholic priest.  Priestdaddy chronicles Tricia’s life as she and her husband find themselves moving into her parents’ house as adults, as well as discussing her childhood experiences with her father.

Lockwood’s poet background is incredibly obvious, allowing her to craft beautiful sentences about weird and awkward things.  Lockwood opened my eyes to a world that I have no experience in.  She deftly explains the world of Catholicism, explaining both the things she enjoyed as well as the things that made her life hard.

I was luck enough to meet Tricia at Heartland Fall Forum in October and loved her.  Her book is so completely true to her.  I was so glad that I could spend some time back in her world.  I laughed at almost every page (and those I didn’t laugh at made me feel strong other emotions).  Lockwood’s use of language gets the most out of every word she writes, with each and every word being particularly chosen.  I usually read memoirs for the stories, not necessarily the writing, but this one was definitely an exception.  I took my time reading this one, savoring each chapter.




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