Boy oh boy did I hate read this whole book.  We received a box of galleys and this was sitting in there.  And it continued to sit there for a while and I got it in my head that someone on the staff needed to read it.  I thought to myself well, his kids books are really popular and I’ve heard good things so why don’t I give this one a try?  I made a huge mistake.

This book is the perfect example of why I am hating on YA right now.  Reading through, I felt like Colfer thought to himself, “I am a young gay celebrity.  I must write a book for teenagers in the LGBTQ+ community.  What characters will they relate to?  Oh yeah, stereotypes!  I know all about those because I was on Glee!”  Each time he introduced a character, I felt like he was checking off a stereotypical character from a list he had created.  It was infuriating.  This book could have been important.  It could have helped teens see themselves in characters.  Instead, it turned them into flat characters.  I found myself yelling, “WHY?  STOP!  I HATE THIS!” so many times but just couldn’t stop reading.   Part of the reason was that, each time I was about to quit, Colfer would have a great one-liner.  I would think, well, if he can do this, then maybe he can save this book.  I was wrong.

The end was supposed to be a huge, shocking twist, but I saw it coming from very early on.  I cannot explain how disappointed I was.  I guess I am mostly disappointed in myself for expecting something more.



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