I love love love love Stephanie Strohm and couldn’t handle my excitement when the galley for this book arrived.

When I heard that Stephanie was writing a sequel to It’s Not Me, It’s You, I thought that she must be a little crazy.  That book was awesome and the format was cool and unique.  How could she follow it up with something as awesome?

Well, not only did she follow it up, she outdid herself.  The Date to Save follows Angelica Hutchinson as she realizes that all of the big fall events at her high school are scheduled for the same night.  Filled with crazy antics, nerdy references (one of the many reasons I love Stephanie), and tons of interesting characters, I was with Angelica each step of the way as she navigated the forces that were trying to stop her reporting while still managing to figure out how to save the day.

Stephanie’s voice rings clearly throughout this book.  I like each of her books more than the last.  She is a powerhouse not to be messed with.

(Also, on a completely personal note, I may or may not have started happy crying when I saw that she mentioned The Book Cellar in the acknowledgements.  I never expected to kinda see myself talked about in a book!)


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