I had no idea that this book existed but, the second I learned of its existence, I had to read it immediately.  I was a huge fan of the TV show “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” as a kid (and have watched it on and off as an adult) and so I was incredibly entertained by the idea of a dark and scary Sabrina.  I am also super into watching the new show Riverdale with my roommates so reading a story from the same guy who created that show really appealed to me.

I have never been a big graphic novel reader but I am totally on board with these.  Like, I am now counting down the months and days until the next collection of these comics is available.

The story entertained me to no end and was even incredibly shocking at times.  (I made my roommate read it so I could talk to someone about the plot twists.)  I enjoyed seeing these characters I knew in these strange, dark, grown-up situations.  It was the perfect amount of cheesy and horny Harvey was just terribly great.  Also, there was a drama teacher named Mrs. Lovett who was clearly just Angela Lansbury and my theatre geek brain is still extremely pleased with that.

I would have to say that, while I loved the story, I was not impressed by the art.  The artist doesn’t seem to really understand how faces work which resulted in some incredibly derpy moments that distracted from what was happening. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying these comics way more than I was ever expecting.  Yes, it was great, but know that it was great in an incredibly stupid but entertaining way.


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