Years and years ago I read Running with Scissors and decided that I needed to read everything ever written by Augusten Burroughs.  And then I promptly got distracted by other books and haven’t read a book of his since.  When Lust & Wonder came out, my interest in his books returned but, since I didn’t have a copy in my room and my room is filled with more books that I can count, I didn’t read it.  Until we got the call that we would be doing an event with Augusten for the paperback release of the book.  Then I had a reason to read it and promptly got to work doing that.

Augusten Burroughs has a great way of telling his life story in a way that makes it feel like a novel, and one that I couldn’t put down at that.  I actually sat down to start reading this on a day off and didn’t stand back up until it was done.  His apocalyptic views of the world and life add an extra layer of drama and intrigue, so much so that I had to keep reading because I was so worried about how it would end.

Augusten Burroughs really in the master of memoir and he reminded me why I love reading this genre of book.  He made me laugh at sad and horrible things, cry at happy things, and caused me to loose an entire day off doing what I love best.

(Also, he is a great speaker.  If you ever have a chance to go see him, do yourself a favor and go.)


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