I’ve always felt like I was missing out because I haven’t read Celeste Ng’s first book so I was incredibly excited when I got my hands on a galley of her new one.

Little Fires Everywhere is an absolutely beautiful book filled with fascinating characters.  The perfection of Shaker Heights, a town that controls every aspect of it’s presentation to the world, is wonderfully juxtaposed with the mess that is the inner lives of the characters.

This book is a great character study, showing what happens when two outsiders enter a fragile ecosystem.  It questions the importance of art and what it means to be an artist.  It questions what defines a family, whether it be money or blood.  She asks hard questions and gives even harder answers.  I found myself having a hard time deciding which side of each debate I was on.  She made me question what I believed to be right, all in the course of a beautiful novel.

This is a great pick for fans of literary fiction.  It is almost terrifyingly realistic yet reminds you of both the good and bad in people.  I was sad to leave these characters behind.


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