This book was so incredibly charming.  I mean, I knew it was going to be great based on the name but I wasn’t expecting it to also be deep and have a very important message for kids.

In the aftermath of her father’s death, Stella is followed home from NASA by a blackhole that she quickly names and decides to keep as a pet.  But as she begins to feed her memories of her father to it, those memories begin to disappear as if they had never happened.

This book took me on a crazy adventure that I wasn’t expecting which included talking garden gnomes, a mutant (and stinky hamster), and an action-figure who is having an identity crisis.

I loved getting to spend time in this really fun world.  And Cuevas does a great job of balancing the heavy topics with the light and funny ones.  It is a great book for children who are experiencing any kind of loss (it doesn’t have to be a parent) but I think any child will have a fun time with it.  It is crazy fun.

(I also couldn’t handle how accurate Cuevas’s depiction of the sister and younger brother relationship was.)


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