One of the requirements for the reading challenge I am doing with my roommates is to read a book by someone younger than me so I was excited to find this book on my shelf.  And then I was depressed when I realized that a 17 year old had a book published and I am slogging along with my writing.  But that is not the point.

This book was a fun, fast read.  There wasn’t much depth to it and many parts of it were repetitive but I can honestly say that I had a very different childhood from Nicolaia.

What impressed me most was her honesty.  She wrote openly about not being able to read until she was 7 or so and not being potty trained until she was 5.  I, personally, couldn’t imagine writing personal details like that about myself now and I most definitely couldn’t have when I was 17.

She mentions at the end of the book that she wrote most of these stories in middle school and, while that is fine, I wish that she had written some sections after that.  There is a complete disconnect between what I read in the book and what her bio at the end says.

I’m glad I read this but I don’t think it will be one that I will recommend at work.


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