I had heard such good things about this book but I did not enjoy it.

First of all, the formatting was incredibly distracting.  It was supposed to make it feel like a stream of consciousness read but instead it just pulled me out of the action.  There were entire sections that were four different things happening all at the same time but the order of the events didn’t line up page to page.  It felt like it was trying to be “high and mighty” literature and it just missed the mark.

Secondly, the characters made a series of terrible decisions and the decisions were so bad and there were so many of them that it quickly didn’t feel realistic.  Here is this book that is pushing itself to be incredibly realistic and the characters seemed like bad charactachures.  These were supposed to be smart people yet them were being so incredibly dumb.

The book read quickly and I found myself motivated to continue reading it (which is why 2 sequinbeasts rather than 1) but I disliked it the majority of the time.  So disappointed.


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