It took me a while to figure out how I felt about this book because of how shocking it was.  But in the end, I am a fan.  I love Daniel Handler and this didn’t change those feelings.

Told for the point of  view of a teenage boy, this book runs through all of the sexual thoughts that run through his head.  I have honestly never read a whole book that was this explicit and so it was quite a shock to my system.  But I read this short novel in one sitting and really loved all of the characters by the end (even if they were terrible).  It really delved into what it means to be a teenager, directly showing the struggles (not just sexually) that everyone struggles with in their teens.  Even though I didn’t relate to the main character at all, I found the book to be relatable.

A note: this is a very adult book.  A lot of reviews have been surprised that Lemony Snicket would write such an explicit book and worry about children picking it up.  To them I say, there is a reason he published this under his real name.  Please please please don’t give it to children.


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