My feelings about this book fluctuated a lot.  I had not read any Mary Kubica books before (but boy is she a doll in real life) and so I read this before I hosted her event.  Kubica is a skilled storyteller and this book definitely took me for a ride.  Flipping between the husband’s past and the wife’s present, the story picks up details from both and makes you realize that they are both unreliable narrators that you want to believe!  It’s incredibly frustrating in a good way.

I have to say that I found the end to be anti-climatic and was actually incredibly disappointed for a few days.  But now I think that it was such a cool choice, a very unique storytelling choice.  So it won me over in the end.  But goodness, it just helped to prove to me that I don’t want kids for a long time.  Also, psychological thrillers are still not my genre.


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