I was too old (and not cool enough to realize that middle grade books are awesome at any age) to read the How to Train Your Dragon books when they came out but I am glad that I have finally gotten to experience Cressida Cowell’s wonderful writing.

The Wizards of Once is both beautifully written and filled with tons of fun illustrations that take the story to the next level.  Her main characters are royal underdogs (which seems like an oxymoron but actually made for an awesome reading experience) and I was immediately invested in their lives.

This is a perfect book for boys and girls alike, seeing as there is one of each as a main character.  It teaches acceptance of those different from you as well as the need to question authority when it seems to be leading you astray (which I believe to be important in this day and age).  I can’t wait for the next installment in the series.


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