One of the reasons I have gotten into reading challenges lately is that they force me to read things that I normally wouldn’t.  In this case, that was a graphic novel.  I am just not normally drawn to them.  But Emil Ferris has created a thing of beauty with My Favorite Thing Is Monsters.  This graphic novel is about so many things but mostly it is about figuring out who you are as a child growing up.  Her main character, Karen, sees herself as a monster rather than a regular little girl.  She views the world in fascinating ways, ways that would only work when being shown visually.  I was drawn into the story and the characters and was very glad to know that there is a Volume 2 coming out later this year.  My one complaint is one that I often have with graphic novels and that is that it seemed too busy at times.  I found myself lost in what was happening in the plot a few times because there was so much happening visually on the page.  As someone who does not begin to understand art (I appreciate it, I just don’t understand it as deeply as some), this became overwhelming at times.


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