Stephanie was one of my first ever author friends and I am so lucky to have gotten to know her and read all of her awesome books!  She is one of the biggest nerds I know and never fails to make me smile.  And her newest novel, Prince in Disguise, is the cutest, most Stephanie book ever.  I love it so much.  So of course I had to get her to answer my silly questions!  Also, she has been doing our social media for the Chicago Young Adult Book Festival and will be talking romance and all things YA on Saturday!

Somehow Stephanie and I haven’t taken a photo together (which is CRAZY) so here she is with my roommate Abi and King Duckan

Q: What attracts you to the YA genre?

A: There are SO MANY REASONS, but probably the main one is that my favorite thing about writing love stories is all of those wonderful moments of firsts – first meeting, first kiss, the first time you see someone in a new light, and YA really lends itself well to firsts. I’m also really proud to write for teens because I have met so many incredible, awe-inspiring teens. It really bothers me when people underestimate, devalue or dismiss teens and their opinions – but I’m hopeful that’s starting to change.

Q: What is your pump-up song?

A:  Well, it’s kind of weird, but “The Night that Goldman Spoke at Union Square” from the musical Ragtime. I guess I find early 20th century anarchists extremely motivating.

Q: What is your favorite procrastination technique?

A: Walk the dog! Or cuddle the dog. Or smoosh the dog’s face. Basically, I just bother my dog. Lorelei is extremely integral to my writing process.

Q: If you were a shoe, what shoe would you be and why?

A: If I were a shoe, I would be a pink sneaker with sprinkles on it, like these bad boys:

Q: What is your favorite guilty pleasure TV show?

A: Most of my favorite TV shows – like Jane the Virgin, Outlander, Riverdale – are categorized as guilty pleasures, but I don’t feel guilty watching them. The only thing I really feel guilty about watching is The Bachelor/ette/Bachelor in Paradise etc. If you are a feminist with complicated thoughts about certain reality TV shows, I suggest you read Bachelor Nation by Amy Kaufman – it’s a fantastic book!

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