Middle School is HARD and Pipi’s eighth grade experience made me so glad to be so far away from my experiences.

Pipi has had something humiliating happen to her every year since she started kindergarten (and she won’t even talk about what happened in 7th grade) but she has decided that 8th grade is going to be different. She is going to make up for each humiliation and make it her best year yet. But will she be able to do that without becoming like the people she has grown up being hurt by?

This novel is fun, heartwarming, and has a good message. It’s a book for all of the “weird” kids who are having a hard time with classmates. It’s a call to action to embrace your inner weird and live your best life. Vrabel has created a cast of characters with depth, intense backstories and from different life experiences. And she has helped me figure out what I want to be when I grow up: Bacon with Boobs!

Thanks to Running Press Kids and Netgally for a copy of this book!


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