I was shocked when my friend Abi alerted me that I had not written a review yet for this absolutely wonderful joy of a book. I read it back in February and it is still my favorite read of the year (and I’ve read a lot of great things this year).

Winter in Chicago can be dark and exhausting so I was looking for something lighter and happier. I requested a galley of a YA summer romance and our rep responded that the warehouse was out of that one but that she had something else that might fit the bill. So she sent me Red, White, and Royal Blue. I read the synopsis and was immediately hooked.

And holy poop is this book everything I have ever wanted in a book.  It’s had fun moments and very serious moments.  It’s a romance yet has deals a lot politics and international relations.  (I describe it as international relations on the streets and between the sheets.) There is some great satire and commentary on the recent political history.  McQuiston has created just the most charming, amazing cast of characters I would have ever hoped for and I want to be all of their friends.

I finished this book and immediately told everyone I knew about it because I think that the whole world needs to experience the joy that is Red, White & Royal Blue.

Warning: if you read this book, you may become this Spongebob meme at a couple of points.  Multiple people I may read this responded to passages this way (and I yelled this alone in my room.)


Anyway, this book gets all of the Sequinbeasts from me.  This is the only time I have read a book and then bought book merch before the book even came out!  Claremont 2020!

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