I was already a huge Edgar Cantero fan but finally getting around to his English debut, The Supernatural Enhancements, cemented him as a favorite, auto-buy author for me.

The format of this novel was the first thing that pulled me in.  Told entirely through documents (such as notes, letters, and transcripts of videos and voice recordings, as well as many others), Cantero closely controls the amount of information that the reader receives, keeping you learning things at the same pace as the main characters (for the most part, though he does hold back some vital information as well).

Cantero is a master of telling a horrifying, scary story while making you laugh out loud and this novel is no exception.  While not as outwardly funny as Meddling Kids or This Body’s Not Big Enough for the Two of Us, he uses humor to comment on the absurdity of life, even when some terrifying, secret society stuff is happening.

This would have been a five-star read for me but the ending felt a little rushed.  I could have spent a lot longer in this strange world and I feel like readers deserve more than the few sentences of closure at the end.  I am fine with ambiguity but the ending left me saying, “humph.”


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